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Some Info

Matthias is an Entrepreneur with some extraordinary skills. Currently focused on:

Social Media Influencing, Social Media Services (Growth, Traffic & Lead Generation)

Crypto Mining, Bitcoin Trading, ICO's, ICO Advisory

Investment Advisory

Life Coaching, Wingman, Good Mood Specialist


Based out of Dubai, Matthias is still a simple person who loves his family and friends. He enjoys trying new foods, reading interesting things, constant education, Sport, Beach, and attending of cool Events.

Travelling, exploring the world is probably one of his main passions at this time. Matthias traveled to over 30 Countries! Matthias works hard and can't live without work, a true workaholic. Not to forget that he loves going to the Cinema and to watch series on Netflix.

Find out more:


Where most of the Action and Story happens.....


Picture was taken 2015 in a photoshoot for a portfolio shoot.

Matthias in the UAE National News

Here Matthias was talking about the strenght's of social media for businesses on the National News of UAE. You can find the full video here:

Matthias & HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum

Matthias visit's HH Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum for the Eid Celebration's after the holy month of Ramadan

Dubai's Bitcoin / Ethereum Mining

Inside the Bitcoin / Ethereum Mining Operation which Matthias gives advisory to.

Matthias talking Fashion and Social Media

Matthias talking about Fashion and Social Media - This was at a Fashion Forward Event in Dubai

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Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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